Welcome to my website.

     I am so pleased to introduce you to the workshops and retreats that I have been leading. My joys are nurturing women and community groups by enhancing relaxation, renewal, and empowerment, using our inherent wisdom for health and healing, and finding peace within. Leading workshops and retreats for groups of women, community activists, health care staffs, students, faculty, and for professional education  is a great pleasure in my life - providing experiences that are nurturing, healing, empowering, and joyful.
     Self care is a key to well being, whether it is care of the individual self or care of the "self" of a group.  Once we learn to take good care of ourselves, we are far more able to give attention and nurturance to others and to social, political, environmental, and spiritual issues.
     When we connect to our own sacredness and to that of others we are able to live a caring, compassionate life. With this sense of interconnectedness, caring, and compassion we can act to create change within ourselves and the world around us. Here is a meditation I have created to help us connect.  I call it the  Imagery of Connection. Feel free to use it.

Breathing in, I feel a connection with all people everywhere.
Breathing out, I feel gratitude for all people everywhere.

Breathing in, I feel a connection with the natural world; the woods, the waters, and the wildlife.
Breathing out, I feel gratitude for the woods, the
waters, and the wildlife.

Breathing in, I feel a connection with myself.
Breathing out, I feel gratitude for myself.

     I have been teaching relaxation, renewal, and empowerment  practices for groups of women and community groups for many years. I bring to these workshops and retreats vast experience as a psychotherapist, workshop and retreat leader, and national trainer for other leaders.  I love to provide these experiences  and to share the pleasure of the participants at the end of a day or weekend.
     I invite you to join me on a journey through these pages to learn more about who I am and what I do.