Community Empowerment Workshops

Groups that communicate well together, practice stress management, empower, and manage change well are communities with a strong foundation of well-being. At a Community Empowerment Workshop, we teach you tools and techniques to take back to your community to use to these ends.

Let us work with your group to strengthen and renew the resilience of your community, staff, school, or group. We have found that a healthy community enables creativity and productivity to flourish.

We provide:
Time apart from the daily pressures of your routine
A program with a format designed to meet the needs of your group
Tools and resources to manage current challenges and stresses
Guided experiences and creative time to increase your group's morale and well-being
Opportunities to experience one another in a relaxing, supportive environment, building trust and strengthening community bonds

Modalities we use include:
Relaxation and stress management techniques
Community building and empowerment processes
Non-Competitive games
Art and writing exercises
Goal setting and learning ways to deal with obstacles to those goals.


Stronger community bonds, which lead to renewed commitment to your common purpose and goals
Individual and group empowerment that are proven to reduce stress and build esteem
Coping strategies for managing change
Refined goals and direction through the creation of an action plan with specific steps for immediate implementation

Workshop Facilitators
: Judith Waldman, LCSW-C  and/or  Marilyn Clark, LCPC