Feedback from Past Participants

  Judith Waldman, LCSW-C was contracted to offer a one-day retreat/workshop for a staff that worked in a methadone maintenance clinic. The staff composition included the disciplines of medical, counseling, and administrative. This workshop proved to be one of the most enlightening experiences encountered by staff. Judith Waldman has an incredible presence that transcends the harsh reality of day-to-day experiences working at the clinic. She has a very calming presence and possesses acute clinical and teaching skills. In a very short period of time she was able to demonstrate her abilities of inclusion in physical, mental, and spiritual activities. There never was a moment that staff was not engaged and engaged in a very positive fashion. Staff emotions ranged from laughter to reflection; and by the end of the day team cohesion was evident and everyone appeared to be focused, serene, and excited about future goals. These are a few of the comments that staff shared with me about their experiences:" I would have to say this has been one of the best days of my life in a very long time" "She is extraordinary."  "This is the closest I have felt to the staff." " Please bring her back." " Thank you for such a wonderful and peaceful day."
  There is no doubt that Judith Waldman is by far the best facilitator that I have experienced in my many years of attending workshops and retreats. She offers such a unique format simply because she is such a unique individual.

Karen Reese, Director: Man Alive Treatment Program

  I wanted to thank you for the excellent workshop that you facilitated with our staff. The individual and group empowerment exercises strengthened our ability to see that we possess many strengths that we could draw on in difficult times. You also provided a variety of exercises that enabled staff to renew their sense of community and support from each other.  I thought that you would like to hear that staff designated a portion of every staff meeting to be used to jointly plan large and small activities to feel nurtured and empowered. Thanks for your help in starting us on this journey."
Audrey Leviton, Director: Kennedy Krieger Child and Family Support Program

  We send you a big Thank You for facilitating a relaxing, peaceful, and affirming retreat day! It was truly a wonderful day and we are grateful to you for a truly unique experience. You enabled the staff to gently embrace the "child" within, improve their communication processes, and establish closer bonds within the "hustle and bustle" of caring for terminally ill patients and families.
Mary Roudette, Program Director: Stella Maris Hospice Center

  Your workshop provided our team with a well-needed opportunity to reunite as a team. The workshop was rejuvenating. I came away feeling both personal and professional growth. We left at the end of the day feeling refreshed and committed to each other and to our mission.
Jeannine Reed, Director: Student Health and Counseling Service. Goucher College

  On behalf of our team, I would like to express our great thanks for the all-day retreat you facilitated for us. Staff members have expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to relax,  de-stress, and reflect on ways for better self care. Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness, dedication, and gentle guidance. It was a joy to spend the day with you.
Gail Gunoud-Green, Supervisor: Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County, MD

  I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you for coming to our hospital to work with our Caregiver Coaches for a workshop of relaxation and renewal. This was a valuable experience; helping our coaches learn how to nurture and empower themselves. Through your incredibly warm and calming leadership, we learned many techniques for tapping into our strength and imagination to bring us inner peace. Additionally, we all got a lot out of the exercises in team building - they helped us appreciate ourselves and each other even more. This is particularly important for our group as we expend a lot of energy giving of ourselves to the healing of others. Furthermore, many of your exercises will translate nicely to the work we do with our families.
  All of the participants told me how much they appreciated all that you did. Here is a sample from one:
  "Such a home run! Judith is so terrific and I think that our group gained so much in terms of connectiveness. She was so validating and so very empowering. Thank you for having her come."
  Thank you again for this excellent workshop for the benefit of our caregiver coaches and, indirectly, our caregiver families.
Marian Hamilton, Founder: The Ken Hamilton Caregivers Center