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Winter Women’s Journeys:

It is with pleasure and gratitude that I am offering two workshops this winter in Seattle:

Saturday, January 27, 10 to 4 “Women’s Wisdom Journey”
Columbia City, Seattle

Saturday, March 24. 10-4 “Stand, Flow, Shine: Caring for the Woman Within”
Columbia City.

August 5-8. “Women’s Wisdom Journey” Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat Center, Oregon  - Please note: this workshop is now full.

Welcome to our women's journey! Bringing women together to share and care, to learn and feel. Playing and laughing abound. Caring and empathy surround. Hearts open to receive and to give. Letting go, moving forward, all with deep inner knowing and a sense of empowerment. We awaken our senses, create energy and balance, and enjoy our creativity. We deepen our physical and emotional wisdom with mindfulness meditation and movement, and unique experiences incorporating art, music, poetry, and playfulness. We discover what gets in the way of being who we want to be and how to move forward with self-wisdom, nurturance, and replenishment.  Being present, being true to ourselves, being Wise Women!

We will be gifted with the Healing Springs, Ancient Forest, and the beautiful Breintenbush River!

Judith Waldman, MSW, director of “Women’s Journeys” and author of “Stand, Flow, Shine: Caring for the Woman Within” (www.standflowshine.com) has very many wonderful years as a national workshop facilitator and trainer for other facilitators.. “My joys are nurturing and empowering women, using our inherent wisdom for personal growth and healing, and finding peace within.” Visit www.judithwaldman.com for information about me and feedback from others.

Registration and Information: judithwaldman.com or jwaldman44@gmail.com or 410 889-1123. Begins Sunday dinner

Ends Wednesday lunch. Cost $220 ($190 if registered by July 5) plus lodging. Some reduced fees may be available. Deposit: Cost of lodging.

WOMEN'S WISDOM JOURNEY October 6th 2018, Seattle


Women's Wisdom Journey: See above for description
Saturday, January 12, 2019
10:00am - 4:00pm
Columbia City, Seattle, WA

Please note: The January 12 workshop is now full. If you want to be on a wait list or be notified about future workshops please sign up on "Registration and Contact Information"
(More workshops may be added)

June 17-19 Women's Wisdom Journey. Whidbey Island. 
Details to follow.