Upcoming Workshops and Retreats 2021

Women's Online Retreat for Renewal, Empowerment, and  Enjoyment 

Sunday, March 21
10 am to 4 pm, Pacific time

Welcome to our Online Journey together.

You are invited to join Judith Waldman, and this gathering of women,  for the Spring Equinox. We will nurture our senses, create energy and balance, and  enjoy our creativity. In this Retreat we are bringing women together to deepen our connection with ourselves and deepen our interconnection with others. We strengthen our ability to create change within and in the
world at large.

   We care. we share, we learn, and we have fun!

   We  provide a time for reflection and growth, self-care, and self-knowing in order to enhance our ability to live with purpose and resilience.
   Enjoy a unique blend of activities that include Mindfulness Meditation, Art, Music, Writing, and Playfulness.
   Throughout this retreat we have opportunities to explore what gets in the way of having access to our own wisdom and how to move forward. We also have opportunities for relaxation and renewal: Being present, being true to ourselves, being Wise Women!

This workshop is a gift for all of us. The only fee is a monetary donation to the Rainier Valley Food Bank, Seattle:

www.judithwaldman.com  For more information and to register

From a past workshop participant:
"My experience at a Women's Retreat with Judith was an absolute joy! Self care was at the heart of our agenda and Judith was a fabulous guide helping us reconnect with our true nature. My inner child loves, loves, loves Judith's kind, gentle and playful spirit. I am so grateful for this time. The tools and strategies I learned throughout the weekend were easy to integrate into my busy life. They have already had a positive impact, decreasing my stress level and increasing my sense of well being. I look forward to learning more with Judith!"

Judith Waldman, MSW, Director of "Women's Journeys" and Co-Author with Marilyn Clark of "Stand, Flow, Shine: Caring for the Woman Within" (standflowshine.com) brings many wonderful years as a national workshop leader, and trainer for other leaders. "I love sharing my years of experience and practices with other women. Leading workshops and retreats for groups of women is a great pleasure in my life – providing experiences that are nurturing, healing, empowering, and joyful.” 

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