Women's Workshops and Retreats


is a joyful time of connecting with ourselves and each other through our shared journey as a Community of Women. There is a special, sacred quality, an energy of spirit, we share as women. This is what enlivens us; this is our spark. We can reach down into the core of ourselves and find these qualities and say: "Ah Yes, this is our Womanspirit." In our time together, in an environment of comfort and safety, we awaken our senses, create energy and balance, and inspire creativity. We will deepen our experience  through mindfulness meditation and movement, and unique experiences incorporating art, music, dance, talking circles, poetry,and play.We will journey within to connect to the deep wisdom of our soul. Experiencing our interconnectedness, caring and compassion will help us  create change within ourselves and the world around us.
    We leave for our own journeys feeling deeply nurtured, supported, and more fully connected with our own inner wisdom.


WOMEN’S WORKSHOPS: Guiding Women Through The Lifespan

Workshops for:
High School Girls
College Women
Working Women
Women at Midlife
Elder Women

Why come to a Women’s Workshop?
  • To Recognize Our Inner Strength:  We each have the ability to take care of ourselves throughout our lives, but we need the opportunity to discover, strengthen, and celebrate our inner resources.

  • To Learn New Tools and Resources:  We need to learn new ways to solve problems, explore creativity, and develop action plans. At Women’s Workshops we teach you tools and give you resources that can last a lifetime.

  • To Connect With Others:  We find strength and confidence in coming together in a supportive environment where communication and sharing are facilitated. The result is an atmosphere of openness and caring.
What Happens at a Women’s Workshop?

Relaxation and Stress Management Techniques
Empowerment Processes
Guided Imagery
Art, Music, and Writing
Small Group Sharing
Formation of an Action Plan to Take into Everyday Life

Women’s Workshops are sources of guidance, support, and strength for all women. We provide a time, place, and opportunity for you to work through the issues you face as you move through life. The result of your participation is a sense of well-being and renewed energy.

STAND, FLOW, SHINE: Caring for the Woman Within

These retreats and workshops combine wonderful elements of both WOMEN'S WISDOM JOURNEYS and WOMEN’S WORKSHOPS. Each one has a different focus, but the specific experiences offered are very similar:

Celebrate your journey as a woman. Make yourself a priority. Feel the support and caring of coming together with other women to reflect, honor, and celebrate your life’s journey. Rediscover and expand your inner resources. Feel renewed with deep relaxation, light movement, and play. Empower yourself. Feel the joy and freedom of expressing your creative spirit.

Activities will include guided relaxation and visualization; gentle Yoga and Tai Chi; empowerment processes; art, music, and writing; walking meditation; play; and forming an action plan for renewal and empowerment to take into your everyday life.

Everything you experience and learn will carry on in your life – to nurture, renew, and empower yourself day after day.

Come prepared to enjoy yourself and to leave with a smile.